Exceeding Expectations

Aaron Wolf - I like the palette you’ve chosen on this one a lot Aaron. I’m feeling a little like the texture on the limbs is getting in the way of clarity in the image though. I think it would help to add some of reflections of the green light on the top edges of the limbs to help unify them; Adam Schumpert - You’re one of the very few who chose to use point of view to add drama to a piece. It all reads really well. I might add a touch more atmospheric perspective on the abdomen and on the four grounded legs to help push them back. You’ve achieved a wonderful sense of space in this; Aldo Ojeda - Solid treatment on this, Aldo! The end result feels really cohesive. The drawing could use reference, but works well within the context you’ve set up. The tail makes me wonder if Lovecraft has even managed to infiltrate Avatar! Bernadette Faith Carstensen - I love this one. The pencil work is strong, the finish is wonderful, and the application of real-world adaptations is an unexpected treat.

Andreas Rabenstein - Neat design. I’d have considered bringing that background green down a few notched and blending it to make the background smoky or atmospheric. This would have silhouetted the animal and helped define its shape. As it stands the green is really the most saturated color and the largest area of high contrast in the image, so it draws the eye away from the monster; Andrew Barr - Andrew this is freaking fantastic! The whimsical approach with the book, pipe, cap, etc. is just hysterical; Andrew Garrison - Neat Design, Andrew. I’d like to see a little more attention paid to making the lighter structures feel more like organic anatomical elements; Anna O’Neil - I like the overall feel and emotion in your creature, Anna. I’d like to see more attention paid to structure and variety of values; Amanda Zimmerman - I like your design. Like Pat’s, very alien feeling. I think you should try dropping this fellow on a dark background and adding some darker darks in the critter.. The problem with working over white is you can only make your critter pop so far.