More Todos!

These designs belong to the opening of our comic book where we see these really bizarre characters manufacturing the drug azul (unusual psychological and physical effects, which include visuals of colored patterns behind the eyes, a sense of time distorting, crawling geometric patterns, the loss of the user's sense of identity as well as prolonged system functions, minor tissue rejuvenation, and an increased appetite). We wanted their design to be interesting and a little flashy, but nothing that would take away from our main characters and their looks, so you'll notice that one feature of their costume is highlighted; the mask. Much of El Grande and Elio's personal work has a reflection of the earth and the creatures that live here, and this one is no different. Pulling from the baboon family, these characters are truly a monkey's uncle. Making drugs is no line of work for any respectable person; even in the corrupt city of Bramacas. Also featured in the above illustration is a vat of pure Azul and the machine that gives it it's trademark color. Just wait until you see what these nasty little bastards are capable of. I think you're going to like it.