Ghibli Museum

If one is found in Tokyo, a trip to the Ghibli Museum is a must. The museum features the amazing anime works of the famous illustrator Hayao Miyazaki who is best known for his movie "My neighbour Totoro". If Disneyland is where dreams come true, Ghibli makes you become lost children in a space uniquely created to make even the most mature adults find their inner child. Unfortunately no pictures allowed inside the magical museum!  Finish your visit at their cafe, where you can savour the most delicious Japanese pear ice cream! So refreshing for hot Tokyo summer days! For now I will have to say goodbye to my Japan posts! I still have a few days left of  Tokyo story telling yet due to the busy schedule I had on the trip, updating the blog every day was not possible. There is also a wonderful shoot I had the pleasure of doing while in Kyoto which I have saved for you upon my return from my travels in August. Because right now I'm embarking on another plane, this time for Europe, where I will spend 10 days in my home country, then off to London I am. This time my photographer is coming along so expect a full documentary of my outfits and my days.