Colors, Colors, Colors

Hola todos, I hope you're all having a wonderful Tuesday out there wherever you may be. Elio and I have been hard at work the last week throwing down ten rounds a day in the El Grande ring. This book fights dirty too; let me tell you. It's prison rules on the streets of El Grande.  No holds barred baby. We're getting some really flashy stuff lined up to share with you a the end of the week, but for now, I hope these color layouts satisfy your hunger. Elio pulled some amazing stuff out of these and many others. 
We have a colored layout for every page of the book, and three or four for some of them.  Be ready for the "El Grande preproduction book". So for all of you who have been asking, "yes", there will be huge preproduction book released soon after the first volume is printed, and it's going to be loaded to the brim with this type of material as well as designs and illustrations that will not be posted on the blog. Come back on Friday for some more design illustrations.  I'll go ahead and tell you its going to be some new weird space suits, so don't miss it.